our a³ story

a³ story (pronounced "A" cubed) was founded by actress Akiko Fujiwara and writer Arnie CW Lee with their inaugural project Triple Crown, TV pilot (a single camera half-hour comedy) script written in English and Japanese that centers around Japanese Princess Reiko, a hot Yankees top prospect Adrian Tejada and Seth Gold, a Japanophile food critic and sake sommelier. They will host their launching event at Jean-Michel Basquiat's former studio and residence -that Andy Warhol was the landlord of- in NoHo, New York City, where the staged-reading of Triple Crown will take place over Afternoon Tea with Japanese pastries, tea and sake.

a³ story's motto "Nerd Out," reflects the mission of the company "To tell entertaining High-brow/Low-brow stories to audiences in the U.S., Japan, Korea and more" as well as how the two founders became long standing colleagues. From Tokyo and Seoul respectively, Akiko and Arnie grew up surrounded by a myriad of nerds in arguably two of the nerdiest (and craziest) cities in the world. Akiko studied engineering at Keio University while Arnie studied psychology at Korea University and both got the theater bug late. When they met to get their MFAs in New York in 2010, they were feeling quite out of place at the Actors Studio Drama School, suddenly surrounded by actors, directors and playwrights who knew they were born to be stars and artists from age 4. They found rapport and solace in both feeling left out of their cohorts and became great friends, while tutoring math, SAT English and translating legal documents and operas through grad-school. 

After both residing in Harlem for 4 years, they are now neighbors in Woodside, Queens, where their office is located. They will not cease to develop and produce stories that share the motto and mission of a³ story from there.